Global Holdings – Chiller Replacement

Design Engineer of Record and Project Manager for the water-cooled chiller replacement at 99 Park Avenue. 99 Park Avenue is a 530,900 square foot mixed use office building that is provided with an 800-ton electric chiller and 660-ton steam-driven chiller.

Fisher Brothers - Motor Control Center Replacements

Developed Contract Documents and Prepurchase specifications for the replacement of six (6) original MCC’s located throughout the building’s mechanical rooms. Each MCC was original to the building installation and at 50 years old, beyond repair and useful life. P&A provided individual method of procedures for each MCC to minimize downtime.

KLM Equities - Boiler Plant Replacement

As the Design Engineer of Record and Project Manager of 200 East 87th Street, P&A Consulting Engineers led the complete replacement of a dual fuel fired steam boiler, converted the fuel oil system to #2 fuel oil, and provided a new chimney liner up to the roof of the building.